Romans 8:18-39 The Gospel and New Creation
ローマ書8:18-39 福音と新しい世界


Are you ready to step up to your calling?
Romans 8:17
In this world there will be suffering, but it will only pale in comparison to the glory that awaits you.
Romans 8:22
The whole of creation is groaning in labor pains.
All of creation with us in it are caught in this tension suffering as we wait for a future deliverance.
Romans 8:19
Creation eagerly waits, is on tiptoe expectation, craning its neck for what?
So that we can get our act together as we are supposed to, meant to, called for, created for, to take care of and steward the wolrd that God created and called good.
Romans 8:29-30
God foreknew those who would come to faith in Jesus as we are then conformed into the image of Christ, our identity, the way we are supposed to live.
2 Corinthians 5:17
The old has gone, the new has come.
The new is already here.
It is not a matter of trying to become someone else, but to allow the old to peel off, and let the new shine through.
Romans 8:31-39
4 times Paul asks a question and each time the answer is NO ONE.
Who can be against you?
Who will bring a charge against you?
Who will condemn you?
Who shall separate you from the love of God?
No one.
Thus, there is nothing to fear, nothing to hold you back from stepping up to be who you are to be a part of God's restoration movement for the whole world.

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