Romans 15 The Small Steps
ローマ書15 小さな一歩


To conclude last week's discussion on the weak and strong.
 Romans 15:1-13
Concludes discussion from chapter 14 about gray issues.
Paul is always adamant about following the black and white issues, issues concerning who Jesus is and what he did on the cross.  But as for the other gray issues, he is much more flexible.
He continues with the idea of strong - those who have worked out how to live out their faith - and the weak - those who are still trying to figure things out, what it looks like to walk with Jesus.  And he says first to the weak in Romans 14:23, if you are in doubt, abstain.  To which the strong should respect that and not make them waver, or stumble.
Accept others as Christ has accepted you and let God be the judge.
Romans 15:14-22
Gentiles were always meant to be part of the plan reaching back to Romans 1:16 that salvaltion is for everyone, first for the Jews then for the Gentiles.  The gospel message first came through the Jews, but it was meant to include everyone.
Romans 15:23-33
Paul is on his way to Jerusalem to bring the offering from the Gentiles to the Jews, a token of their thanks for being the first to receive God's message.  But this will entail opposition from Jews that he was a betrayer and from Jewish Christians for receiving tainted money from Gentiles.  But still Paul is set on heading to Jerusalem though it is in the opposite direction from his final destination, Rome.
And the interesting thing is Paul never ends up going to the church in Rome.  This magnificent letter was written to the church in hopes that one day he will visit them and has impacted numerous people, yet he never was able to fulfill going there.

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