New Year 2016 Choose This Day To Follow Jesus
新年2016 この日イエス様について行くことを選びましょう


The Bible is...

1. a collection of 66 books written by more than 40 authors over a period of 1500 years.
2. about the God of Israel who makes all of creation (Genesis 1:1) but at the pinnacle of creation creates man in his own image.
We are his image-bearers.
When we look in the mirror or on the crowded train, we are catching a glimpse of God.
Romans 8:22
But we are trapped in this cycle of sin-exile-restoration or sin-punishment-repentance-redemption.
Our lives then dictate how we are to live out God's restorative plan for this world.
Are we living out the gospel in our daily lives?
But what does the gospel mean?
Caesar's birthday was good news.  It was the gospel.
Caesar brought peace - a coerced peace, as if you didn't bow down to caesar you were executed.
But peace nonetheless.
But Jesus brings a different kind of peace - a peace that upends the whole system, the system of this world.
And that is good news.
That brings hope.
Do our lives reflect this?
Exodus 19:4-6
This people God chose to bring blessings to the world would find themselves as slaves in Egypt.
But God would rescue them and bring them out.
But before God enters into a covenant, a committed relationship with Israel, he tells them who they are, their identity.
They are a kingdom of priests.
That is our calling when we choose to follow God.
And in one voice they all agree.
But we know all too well that things don't go as planned.
The same is true today in our lives as well as we commit ourselves to God, but find ourselves rebelling the next moment.
The story of Israel is our story.
But as this first generation of Israel dies, Moses finds himself leading the second generation Israel to the land of Canaan, the land promised to them by God.
But before they step foot in Canaan, Moses/God has to make sure that they are committed to following God.
It is vital and of utmost importance for the land they will enter is filled with people following other gods and it is essential that they don't assimilate to the culture.
The story of Israel is our story.
Deuteronomy 11:26-28
So Moses puts a choice in front of Israel.
What will you do today?
Choose today what you do, do you follow God or not?
What will we do?
This choice will determine our future.

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