Romans 14 God as Judge
ローマ書14 裁判官である神様


Paul addresses the problem of disunity in the church.

Note first: Paul is addressing 2 specific issues the church faces in this chapter, how we view certain food and special days, mainly festivals and the Sabbath.
Romans 14:10
God is the final judge who will met out true justice as he reveals his righteousness.
Romans 14:20
Don't cause others to stumble - to live having the nuance of walking and so naturally the idea of stumbling refers to tripping up on your faith, your journey as you walk with God.
Whatever you deem as unclean is something of your conscience, but it becomes evil when you cause others to stumble.
And since God is in the business of bringing everyone to salvation, don't destroy what God is working to do.
Romans 14:23
Check your motives.
What are your motives in the first place of doing anything.

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