Romans 11:1-15 The Remnant
ローマ書11:1-15 残り人


Background: 1 Kings 18-19
Romans 11:1-6
1 Kings 16:29-33, 19:1-4
Elijah battles the prophets of Baal and wins a miraculous victory only to be immediately disheartened and afraid.
1 Kings 19:13-17
Elijah feels that he is the only prophet of Yahweh, God, but God answers by saying that there are actually 7000.
There is always a remnant that God preserves, a faithful out of the whole who will truly serve God.
Romans 11:7-15
Luke 15:28-31
This is Israel's story.
How will Israel react?
Will they sulk and continue to be angry and jealous, or will they decide to join the party?
And why would God do this in the first place?
So it is only by grace and no one can argue that they deserve it.
It is Abel not Cain, Isaac not Ishmael, Jacob not Esau.
There is no favorite clause.
And this may all look complex, but the human situation is complex, because we are complex creatures.
But though the problem is serious and complicated, the solution is simple.
All who call on the name of the Lord will be saved!

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