Romans 7 Law, Sin and Israel
ローマ書7 立法・罪・イズラエル

Why did God give Israel the law and what relevance does this have for us? Keep reading →


Romans 1-6 Recap/Testimony
ローマ書1-6 おさらい・証

Testimony - identity crisis as a pastor Keep reading →


Romans 6 Wake up to your new reality
ローマ書6 新しい現実に目を覚まそう

If sin has been defeated and Jesus is the victor, why does my life not look like that? Keep reading →


Romans 5:12-21 Hope from Sin
ローマ書5:12-21 罪から希望

But it isn't as the trespass, so also the gift. (Romans 5:15) Keep reading →


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